One of the things I get a real kick out of is colour grading. When the images are recorded, they are captured in a raw format. This looks a bit flat and boring, but hidden in those dull images are all the colours and vibrancy we need to create beautifully coloured and toned movies. It’s always a thrill to see the wonderful images emerge as we colour grade every individual shot. This little video shows the comparison between the raw footage and the finished graded clips. 

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Wedding ceremonies are at the heart of the wedding day; and there are so many choices of venue these days, from church to civil to even you’re own back garden if you wish! But one thing is certain, we are blessed in this country with some beautiful places that couples can have their “I do’s”.

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After all the hard work and planning, the morning of the wedding has arrived! There might be some nerves before the ceremony, but there is also a lot of emotion and usually even more fun! Here’s a short film showing the mornings of some of our more recent weddings!

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