Judy and James at The Claddagh in Galway

We haven’t done very many weddings in Galway and I also must admit, I’d forgotten how lovely a city it is. The Claddagh on the quays in the City quite the little oasis in the centre of the city! You can see some shots of it in the video clip below. After the ceremony, we took the short trip to The Galway Bay Hotel in Salthill for the reception. It must be twenty years since I was in Salthill, and I couldn’t get over just how well kept it is. What a credit to the locals! An immaculate and beautiful spot indeed! I certainly hope we get the chance to do some more work in that part of the country.


Discreet is the word!

Think wedding DVD’s are the same as they were years ago? Boring, poor quality productions filmed by an intrusive guy with a camera the size of a small car perched on his shoulder?

Think again!

Modern wedding DVD’s and Blu-ray productions by Dreamscapes are professional, polished films; captured on High Definition compact cameras. No more blurry, shimmering faces caught ducking and hiding from the cameras! With today’s equipment, picture and sound quality are now exceptional. And best of all, the cameras are so small and discrete, your guests hardly even know we are there.

Just have a look at some of the footage on our website at Samples or even in the clip below to see that almost everyone on camera is completely oblivious to being filmed.

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Anne-Marie and Gareth

Anne-Marie and Gareth’s wedding was our first in Lanesborough, Co. Longford, and it promised to be very unique and special indeed. The ceremony was in St. Mary’s church in Legan village. Then by car to Lanesborough where the bridal party took a barge to the reception: A Marquee on Gareth’s family’s farm overlooking Lough Ree. It was a very special day and I’m delighted with the way the DVD turned out. Check out the highlights here:


Jennifer and John

Ten years to the day before Jennifer and John’s wedding, Antonia and I were in Rome with John’s sister for her wedding. Antonia was bridesmaid and I was behind the camera (I look better that way, trust me!). So, as you can imagine, being asked to film John and Jennifer’s big day was a real honour.

The morning began with Antonia visiting Jennifer’s house while I went to John’s. Then it was onto St. Vincent de Paul Church, Marino for the ceremony. I’ve always loved that church. It’s big and bright and always looks great on camera. I was able to put a third camera in the balcony for some great shots of the bride walking up the aisle and also of some wide shots of the ceremony itself. Oh, and these guys were absolutely fantastic: The Gospel Project. Check them out if you get a chance.

At the The Four Seasons hotel, the guests were greeted by a reception with a jazz band and caricaturist, who was busily delighting the guests with a new picture every few minutes! There is a shot of him at work in the clip below. I must say, this is a very stylish and beautiful hotel and everyone seemed very happy with the way they were looked after by the staff.


Deborah and Darren

The day before and after Debbie and Darren’s wedding were not the most promising if you were a “fair weather wedding guest”! But the day itself was just perfect. There were a few showers here and there, but none when we wanted to be outside. Groom, guests and bride with bridesmaids all managed to arrive dry at The Sacred Heart Church, Killinarden, Tallaght.

I, of course, had arrived earlier and was getting some establishing shots; one of which is the camera flying across the mass book. As I was getting this shot, a very kind priest called Fr. Tom pointed out to me that the current open page was for a funeral and that might look a little morbid for a wedding! He quickly changed to the correct page, leaving me gratefully getting one of my favorite shots. Throughout the rest of the day, I was to discover that Fr. Tom, just like all the other guests at this wedding were very friendly, down to earth, nice people

The reception was at the Castleknock Hotel. We’ve been here many times before and have always enjoyed the grounds, large reception areas and friendliness of the staff.

A great surprise was in store for the guests after the first few dances: Celtic Rhythm performed a set for us. These are a marvelous troop of Irish Dancers who put on short shows for weddings, parties and other events.

Here are the highlights of Deborah and Darren’s day: