Discreet is the word!

Think wedding DVD’s are the same as they were years ago? Boring, poor quality productions filmed by an intrusive guy with a camera the size of a small car perched on his shoulder?

Think again!

Modern wedding DVD’s and Blu-ray productions by Dreamscapes are professional, polished films; captured on High Definition compact cameras. No more blurry, shimmering faces caught ducking and hiding from the cameras! With today’s equipment, picture and sound quality are now exceptional. And best of all, the cameras are so small and discrete, your guests hardly even know we are there.

Just have a look at some of the footage on our website at Samples or even in the clip below to see that almost everyone on camera is completely oblivious to being filmed.

Or better still, order a copy of our COMPLETELY NEW 2012 sample DVD from Wedding Enquiries

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