Jennifer and John

Ten years to the day before Jennifer and John’s wedding, Antonia and I were in Rome with John’s sister for her wedding. Antonia was bridesmaid and I was behind the camera (I look better that way, trust me!). So, as you can imagine, being asked to film John and Jennifer’s big day was a real honour.

The morning began with Antonia visiting Jennifer’s house while I went to John’s. Then it was onto St. Vincent de Paul Church, Marino for the ceremony. I’ve always loved that church. It’s big and bright and always looks great on camera. I was able to put a third camera in the balcony for some great shots of the bride walking up the aisle and also of some wide shots of the ceremony itself. Oh, and these guys were absolutely fantastic: The Gospel Project. Check them out if you get a chance.

At the The Four Seasons hotel, the guests were greeted by a reception with a jazz band and caricaturist, who was busily delighting the guests with a new picture every few minutes! There is a shot of him at work in the clip below. I must say, this is a very stylish and beautiful hotel and everyone seemed very happy with the way they were looked after by the staff.


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  1. Jennifer

    It looks brilliant Martin! Can’t wait to see the full version.
    Thanks again


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